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“Decision” has the structure of “either/or.”

It commits to one side of an antagonistic contradiction. It corresponds to an unresolvable dilemma that demands resolution. 

The bosses.

The job of management is to reap outrageous rewards for making terrible decisions.

Choice has displaced decision.

Consumerism, in turn, is the trivialization of choice.

There is no alternative?

Here are too many alternatives. The difficulty is finding the right one.

Relieved of a burden.

An ideologist is lucky enough to have an ideology that decides what to show and what to hide. 


Those who claim to know and those who claim to opine both think they are right. The difference is that the former are more decisive and defensive than the latter.

One dead sooner, another dead a little later.

Socrates went to his death to prove a point, whereas Galileo negotiated to save his life: this is the decision between ethical truth versus value-free knowledge.

A decision does not have to be conceived before it is made.

The conception of what is to be decided is most likely made to be by the decision itself.

Not decided.

Is the matter undecideable or is the decider indecisive?

A burden made bearable.

The farther we leave our decisions behind, the more we convince ourselves that we must have made them that way.