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Authority is not for Authors.

Most usages of “deconstruction,” “problematic,” and “performative” have nothing to do with how Big Name Theorists use them.

My orientation is phenomenological.

I will apologize to nobody but Derrida for indulging in a “metaphysics of presence.”

Betray to be faithful.

Appropriately enough, “deconstruction” has meanings completely different than the ones Derrida “originally” articulated.

A day late.

Leave it to Jacques Derrida to be born July 15th.

Intelligence and attractiveness.

The denaturalization of these “attributes” of “individuals” is a contribution to social justice.

A complex.

This psychological term of art is optimistic, since it implies construction and therefore deconstruction, yet at the same time pessimistic, since it admits of the fundamental complications of interiority.