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Laziness can be good.

The best defense of clever people against degeneracy is a simple lack of ambition.

Your self is like chain mail.

Mind the unexpected breaks in the defense.


Those who claim to know and those who claim to opine both think they are right. The difference is that the former are more decisive and defensive than the latter.

Common defenses. 

You say: “Attack me all you want, but don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family!” I hear: “Don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family—I know very well that you are speaking ill of me!”

Political association is not taste all the way down.

No dining club has successfully demanded that its members kill and possibly die in its defense.

The appeal to and of “priority.”

An argument a priori is a defense against any argument a posteriori, but an argument a posteriori is no attack against an a priori argument.

Discipline is defensive.

When procrastination strikes, productivity strikes back.

The barbarians aren’t coming.

But it wouldn’t be called civilization if it weren’t constantly in need of defense.