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Another definition.

Aphorism is the philosophy of the moment.

A working self-definition.

An aphorist is a writer who reasons that rationalizations are wordy.

Polite cockiness.

What is called confidence around these parts.

A working definition.

I forgot who my friends were—I’d better check my social media.

Rule: every case is an exception that exceeds the rule.

Exception: the paradigmatic case is an exception that defines the rule.

My preferred definition.

An aphorism is the literary form of an intuition whose elaboration would obscure rather than illuminate.

This definition kind of works.

A relationship defined by inconvenience has one advantage: it is by definition not a relationship of convenience.

Fixing and sliding.

Did you ever wonder why the formula “I define X as Y” is hardly ever effective?

Problems with pinning.

“By definition” arguments are often more contestable than their undefined counterparts.