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Reality principle.

Hopefulness is just as delusional as hopelessness in the absence of reality testing.

Happiness is a far-from-spontaneous project.

What other process requires so much practiced forgetting and studied delusion?

How I know both are delusions.

People are trying to derive meaning from “culture” just like they used to derive it from “civilization.”

Drugged out delusions.

“Where there’s a pill, there’s a way.”

Delusion, desperation.

He was so identified with the lost one that he imagined that only suicide could dispel her.

“Emptiness” is not “nothingness.”

Feeling empty is a deluded perception of emptiness.

What do you actually believe?

We know that belief in Love is a delusion. Whether belief in God is a delusion is up for debate.

Against Sophistry.

The realm of interiority will dispel this delusion that humanity is the measure of all things.

A world within a world.

The world of the self can be just as rich, deep, and varied as the world of public affairs. But an entirely private world is both a delusion and a deprivation.

What is called “progress”?

A slight increase in suffering, a moderate decrease in pain, and a great increase in delusion.