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Democracy is a lot of work.

Do you seriously claim to have something better to do?


Extraordinary democracy is democracy’s aristocratic moment; ordinary democracy is democracy’s democratic moment. 

Did you invent that?

The pride of a nationalist in their national culture is frighteningly anonymous and incredibly democratic.

Identification of “the people.”

Everything the ancient Greek oligarch said against the demos, the modern American elite can say against the middle class.

A minor agreement in a major disagreement.

Democracy and Science agree that scholars need not be gentlemen or men of any sort.

Learn from your enemy, democrats.

Learn, first of all, that there are friends and enemies.

It is easy to fall silent before pain.

A democratic politics depends upon us continuing to speak out and speak on.

De Tocqueville, “Democracy in America.”

Only an American could think that democracy is merely a form a government; for anyone with experience of aristocracy, democracy is clearly a form of society.

Democratic anxieties.

What frightens me about assertions of equality is how many are spoken out of fear.

“The people” is a floating signifier.

On certain events, it is fixed upon the streets, the countryside, or even the government.