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For Elliott Smith.

Are you a world within a world or a world without one?


He dragged himself out of bed to get back in bed. 

Depressing, isn’t it?

The lowest common denominator has reached whole new lows.


Consider how much must be taken for granted in order to experience the loss of love to be the defining trauma of one’s life.

No Sexuality without the Symbolic.

The notion that sexuality is unnatural raises the depressing possibility that our basic appetites are ideological through and through.

Go on, stay in bed all day.

An exquisite depression might as well be enjoyed.

Back from vacation.

Coming home to an empty apartment is delightfully depressing.

Depression is nothing shameful.

A genuine depression simply reflects (on) the sad state of the world.

Pornography is monotony.

As such, it has a natural affinity with depression.