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The fight for consumerism ruthlessly exploits the desire to live for a cause.

Maskless Kens and Karens are screaming they’d rather kill and die than give up their “way of life.”

Decolonize the curriculum?

How about decolonizing your dick first.


Transforming desire is more satisfying than satisfying it.

We want to move forward.

Which direction is forward? Who decides that question? Who bears this desire?

What else would it be?

The desire to be normal is a normal desire.

Career ambitions are not ambitious.

They signal a dreadful, default of desire in capitalist societies.

Masters of the Universe.

Proof that the desire for mastery is infantile.

Death Note, Future Diary, etc.

Proof that rational choice, not the mention the desire to be a god, is for teenagers.

Impossible versus improbable.

The greatest impossibilities are impossibilities of desire. But the most that most can conceive is a probability of zero.

No, I’m not too good for self-promotion.

I just fail to see how self-promotion would lead to anything I would want.