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Is this time different?

It doesn’t matter when this time is; every time is different.

Difference, antagonism.

The other of the expert is the amateur; the antithesis of the expert is the generalist.

Thank goodness I wasn’t raised in Taiwan.

Ordinary idiocy would have been a real option there.

A recurrent nightmare.

“Woke” Barbie and Ken were judging the worth of my “difference.”

Read X against himself?

How about reading someone different for a change.

Class difference.

Working hard is easier than hard work.

The true and the actual are not the same.

Think of commonplaces like “you are a true friend,” “the actor is the one who acts,” and “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Difference comes from discourse.

To speak of the oneness of all things is a contradiction that must be spoken to be believed.

Dissidence and difference.

A dissident is someone who does not beg to differ.

We show up to the same places to do the same things.

The difference is you came with your kind, and I came with mine, and we will both leave with the same.