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Academic kool-aid.

Minds can’t digest the stuff, much less live off of it.

What comes first?

Most of talk of logical priority is an expression of political priorities.


The suspension of discourse keeps a number of things—cognition, judgment, and narration—from arising.

“Discourse on the Otter.”

For some reason, I feel as though I were being mocked.

The university absorbed the left.

Today’s university feels no need to “buy off” radical intellectuals, who in professing the discourse of the university have no purchase whatsoever.

Difference comes from discourse.

To speak of the oneness of all things is a contradiction that must be spoken to be believed.

The decided comes after the decision.

A decision puts an end to a long chain of discourse. Meaning from the surrounding sentences rushes in, filling the gap.

Our usages are turned-around.

Academic “diversity” should refer to intellectual discourses, while educational “disadvantage” should refer to sociological structures.


Discourse breeds discourse.