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Black Mirror, Nosedive.

Heaven is being disliked by other people.

You don’t like something about me.

Luckily my selves come unbundled and they’re all for sale.

For Rufus Wainwright.

So what if I like pretty things? Would you rather that I dislike myself?

A little, a lot.

It takes a little courage to dislike someone, but it takes a lot of cowardice to hate them.

So what did you think?

A: It’s almost like you’re trying to find things to dislike about the movie. B: I’ll willing to do whatever it takes.

Punk, yacht rock, grunge.

The nostalgic listener gets into music initially disliked for the simple reason that they are no longer current.

A concern for impossibilities.

I worry sometimes that others will dislike me as much as I dislike myself.