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Words cannot take you all the way.

But you’ll never get there without the right ones.

Mental calibration.

Closing-in on a sensation, feeling, or perception opens an observational distance.

Would sight be better?

Love is blinded by passionate attachment, while justice is blinded by dispassionate distance.

Depth experiences.

A lie is the shortest distance between two depths.

Emotional geometry.

A line is the shortest distance between two short attention spans.

Language compensates for distance.

The caveat here is that distance is both made and measured by language.

Networked space.

With the internet comes all new forms of connection and all new forms of distance.

Near or far.

Distance is but a short distance away from closeness.

Differences appear at close range.

One who keeps their distance sees others as pretty much all the same.

Spacing affect.

Impossible distance and infinitesimal distance are romantic and revolting in equal measure. Between these extremes is the possibility of civil respect and personal reserve.