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A distinction that partakes of itself.

The distinction between lumpers and splitters both lumps and splits.

A dubious distinction.

Class and race are vying for the title of social division Americans least want to talk about.

You want to drop the distinction?

Then first put down your arms.

The actual reason science is not a religion.

Modern science posits a distinction between the scientific and the non-scientific. Hence science can claim that the existence of God or Gods is a non-scientific question. A proper religion makes no distinction between the religious and the non-religious. Hence religions can make ultimate claims about reality and truth.


Difference is distinction plus antagonism.

For example: cultural distinction does not qualify as “difference” until the possibility of cultural conflict is actual.

The same question goes for those who draw it.

To those who deny the distinction between poetry and prose, I would ask what makes strolling beneath stars different than rushing to the toilet.

How distinct?

In philosophy, “know yourself.” In political theory, “know yourworld.”