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Diversity in OITNB.

The people in front of the camera are Taystee’s and Maritza’s; the people behind the camera, and the camera’s perspective itself, are Piper’s and Alex’s.

Peter Wood, “Diversity.”

The book shows that previous generations of Americans were both more curious about “diversity” and more racist towards its bearers.

We’d love to include your diversity!

Just turn into a completely different person first.

Please put that phone away.

My phenotype is not your photo opportunity.

Our usages are turned-around.

Academic “diversity” should refer to intellectual discourses, while educational “disadvantage” should refer to sociological structures.

This too shall pass.

Some Asians pass for Asians for the purpose of instituting hegemonic notions of “diversity.”

Human unity is above or below humanity.

If humanity is the human realm of division, diversity, and difference, then unity can only subtend or transcend humanity.

Wisdom with delight.

The wisdom of total indifference: “It’s all the same to me.” The delight in extreme diversity: “Each is the one and only.”