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Collectives have wills.

Like individual wills, the genuine ones are divided against themselves.

Classifying classes.

a1. poor, lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, rich a2. poor, working class, middle class, rich b1. poor versus rich b2. working class versus non-working class c1. individualism c2. humanism

Addition and subtraction are basic to social order.

Multiplication (e.g. “multiculturalism”) or division (e.g. “factionalization”) are simply reiterations of these elementary operations.

A dubious distinction.

Class and race are vying for the title of social division Americans least want to talk about.

Time is not a property.

It cannot be appropriated, stolen, or divided.

Division of work and play.

Kids will work at playing. Adults will play at working.

Categorization precedes characterization.

The question of what characterizes the difference between women and men begs the question of how the categories of “women” and “men” have been divided in the first place.

Unevenly divided and at odds.

The more one examines the self, the more the self appears to be not one.

Socio-political math.

Every division leaves behind remainders.

The primacy of division over ambiguity.

Embracing racial and gender ambiguity in the style of his times, Michael Jackson split his “Black or White” video into the brightest affirmations (part I) and the darkest intimations (part II).