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What do I think of that work?

Easy to do, easy to like, easy to forget.

I write about rather than do politics.

I am convinced it is better to be a pseudo-intellectual than a pseudo-revolutionary.

Seeing and doing.

Desires invisible, efforts unsightly.  

One cannot be authentic.

One can only act authentically.

They say One does this.

But They say this and One does that—therein lies the problem.

Demand the impossible.

Just make sure to do the possible while you’re at it.

I don’t care what you think about me.

I’m far more worried about what you might do about me.

Mistaken thinking and pseudo-activity.

The thought that we are nothing but what we do drives most us away from doing nothing.

It’s hard to scandalize a scoundrel.

He’s seen it all. Plus, most of it was his own doing.

It takes time to do things right.

This is why so many things are going wrong.