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The case for equality.

Strength attracts submission, weakness suffers domination.

Reactionaries appropriate the term freedom to secure domination.

They admit to their parasitism on republicanism; they admit, too, their own ideal lacks appeal. 

Meritocracy isn’t based on merit.

The process that establishes meritocracy is an act of sheer domination.

There’s so much to life.

Yet the powerful pretend that life is all brutal struggle to justify their efforts at domination in advance.

Riley, “Sorry to Bother You.”

Why animalize humans rather than automate labor? The pleasure of domination and violence depends on a relation between living beings.

Domination, oppression.

We cannot escape from freedom; we can only turn freedom against itself.

Two kinds of dependence.

Dependence can mean interdependence, which is inevitable; however, interdependence can also mean domination, which is idiotic.

Against domination.

If your interracial sexuality is so free, why are you dating whites exclusively—as if by compulsion?


No assimilation without domination, no incorporation without exclusion.

Gramsci 101.

Domination: divide and conquer. Hegemony: parse and co-opt.