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I’m seeing a pattern.

The source of knowledge is ignorance. The source of certainty is doubt. The source of intelligence is stupidity.

For careful usage.

The benefit of the doubt is of doubtful benefit.

Your own doubts.

What bothers you about arrogance is your suspicion that it is justified.

Mutual reinforcement.

The doubt of the faithless cannot compare to the doubt of the faithful.

If I can’t do it, no one can.

Discovering their own wisdom to be folly, the conceited come to doubt that anyone can be wise.

I don’t doubt that you’ve “realized” something.

I just doubt that anyone has had all that many insights, much less one every other day.

Dubious wisdom.

It is better to feel pain than nothing at all.

Suppose that humanity is one.

If so, then humans are bent on self-harm, self-contempt, and self-doubt.

No doubt, certainty casts a shadow.

That certain shadow is called doubt.  

You believe in neither Religion nor Politics.

Yet until you question all that now occupies the place of the believed-in—Science, Art, Humanity, etc.—you have not yet begun to doubt.