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Neil Gaiman, “The Sandman.”

Dream appears differently in different life-worlds. Yet he is “normally” presented as a leather clad Goth.

For Elliott Smith.

A distorted reality is now a necessity to be free. A clear dream will be a freedom out of necessity.

Villeneuve, “Blade Runner 2049.”

There is more than one way to give your life for a cause.

I understand your education gives you a big head.

But your arguments remind me of that dream where you showed up to the exam with no pants and everyone was laughing.

The work of dreams.

A few nights of sleep are needed before an insight can be expressed as an idea.

I sleep.

I do not sleep to dream.

They have the right idea.

A thousand thoughts escape into the background of one dream.

The nocturnal speaks to the diurnal.

Where they dream, I am awake; while I dream, they are awake.

Dream report.

Hearing about another person’s dream is tedious—unless, of course, I happened to be in it.

Strangely serene, these kids were burning.

The dream wasn’t disturbing till I noticed the fire in my hands.