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Star Trek finds humans disguised as aliens everywhere.

That is why the Federation travels without spacesuits; they’re really still on the Earth.

Bradbury, “The Martian Chronicles.”

The Earth-like atmosphere on Mars is an ideological necessity; it allows Bradbury to elaborate his settler colonial guilt and “New World” fantasies.


The phases of the moon depend on its relation to the sun and the earth. Hence even the fullness of the moon is yet another sign of its emptiness.

The source of anthropomorphism.

Our ancestors didn’t anthropomorphize the earth to give causal explanations. They did it to humanize it and to make worlds. The simple proof is we do the same thing to mechanical and virtual worlds.

A flight from the Earth.

The hidden meaning of Apollo 13: “Houston, we have a problem.”

Elemental and elementary.

Our water comes through pipes, our fire comes from gas, our earth comes in trucks, and our air comes out of vents. How can moderns living under these conditions to be struck with elementary wonder?

Endangered species are a symptom.

The deeper problem is that we care so little about the world that we would turn the earth into wasteland.