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Fascists believe that all politics is war.

They even believe that all economics is war. Sadly, they may have a point.

Velvet glove.

The hidden hand of the market is precisely what keeps homo economicus in check.

Economics rules the social sciences.

The queen bee wants a hive full of drones, both with and without stingers.

Politics can happen between two.

So can society, economics, community, or culture. It all depends on the quality of the relationship.

Right polarities.

The first pole is economic: the drive to profit. The second pole is ethical: the drive to rule.  

Economics versus politics.

Upward mobility is no substitute for forward movement.

Irate irony.

I would say, “You should have bought me while I was still for sale.” Except it is more accurate to say, “You could have bought me while I was still for sale.”

Money makes people work harder.

But it makes them work harder at the stupidest of tasks: making more money.

Life is more complicated than we think.

Politics, by contrast, is much simpler. Economics, in turn, is disguised politics.

Restless and anxious?

To be unable to sit still after work is to underline that nothing has been accomplished.