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Life is more complicated than we think.

Politics, by contrast, is much simpler. Economics, in turn, is disguised politics.

Restless and anxious?

To be unable to sit still after work is to underline that nothing has been accomplished.

The rich are by definition related to the poor.

What disturbs the rich is the possibility of a political relationship with the poor.

Economics and psychology are the dominant social sciences.

This alone doesn’t make these disciplines “false,” but it does put the question of their “validity” into a different light.

Another ideological conflation.

Ideology: “Free-trade.” Translation: “Economic necessity.”

Ideological conflation.

Ideology: “Fair-trade.” Translation: “Temporary truce.”

Economics of assent.

X: I’m not buying it. Y: Why? The explanation is parsimonious enough. X: That is the prohibitive cost.

The coffee was half strength.

He drank more than twice the usual amount.

Economy of reading.

You might see something different upon every read, but even interpretation is subject to the law of diminishing returns.

Buy it or don’t.

I’m still selling.