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Education bears no relation to “success.”

This, my fellow educators, must be our first lesson.

Is education a market?

Why can’t anyone with the money buy a degree?

Graeber, “Bullshit Jobs.”

Is education that doesn’t prepare you for work “bullshit”? Or is the true bullshit education the kind that prepares you for bullshit “work”?


To succeed at failing—that is the challenge.

No idea can be shoved down throats.

The ideological gag reflex makes sure of that.

Ivy League idiocy.

A prestigious education could be blamed for your generic thoughts. But plenty of original minds have overcome your disadvantages.

Usually I’m a fast learner.

It is funny how long it took me to figure out that “efficient” education is a bad joke.

Grading isn’t all that bad.

But having to give grades is a disaster.

I am not looking for disciples.

Besides, no teachings can be mastered.

What is this place?

True, they will be in a re-education camp when we win. But we are already in a re-education camp—they call it “the school.”