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No exit.

The egoist criticized egoism out of egoism.

Why I’m talking about myself.

The ego emerges from a primordial frustration.

A long, fruitless expedition.

Be careful about where you go fishing for compliments.

CEOs, Senators, etc.

Your large ego does not impress me. It has a lot of institutional support.

A little ego psychology.

It is very easy to underestimate and overestimate someone for egoistic reasons.

Who am I?

And what is this “I” which asks who I am?

Someone with low self-esteem is self-critical.

Still more self-critical is someone trying to keep their ego in check.

Volume increased surface area.

An enormous ego requires much stroking before it is satisfied.

Words are fleeting.

The “I” that can be spoken is not the eternal “I.” It is, however, the only one.