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I have seen the enemy.

I’m pretty sure his name isn’t Derrida or Foucault.

Aphorist vs advertiser.

Near enemies, easily confused.

Some only read their friends.

I would read enemies too. And don’t forget to read the neutrals.

Keep your friends close.

Keep your micro-aggressive colleagues even closer.

Enmity and proximity.

The worst enemies are the near ones.

Antagonistic interdependence.

A recognition of interdependence can bring even greater strife; take, for example, friends who recognize their dependence upon enemies.

The principle is “Love your enemies.”

The point cannot be “You don’t have enemies.”

Enemies have decided to become adversaries.

This is what it means to say that violence has a political solution. 


If “friends, there are no friends” and “enemies, there are no enemies,” then “humans, there are no humans.”