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Hierarchy mongers insist they treat everyone equally poorly.

What a shame they never thought of treating everyone equally well.

Why are you shocked that I take offense?

It is a matter of assumptions: I assume equality between us, while you assume hierarchy.

You’re supposed to be frustrated.

Capitalism creates demands for liberty, equality, and solidarity that it cannot possibly satisfy.

Other, opposite.

The other of racism is meritocracy; the opposite of racism is equality.

Masculinity and hierarchy.

I have yet to meet a man who is willing to treat me as an equal.

Democratic anxieties.

What frightens me about assertions of equality is how many are spoken out of fear.

Democratic education.

Pedagogical authority exists for the sake of its self-overcoming: its aim is equality.

Neo-liberalism regnant.

One can only hope in our post-political age to put the words “power” and “equality” back into a historically-vacuous, economics-filled discourse.

What does this nation stand for?

To claim that MLK Jr. Day is not a properly national holiday is to claim that freedom and equality are not “American” concerns.

Equality and antagonism.

Honestly hostility is more respectful than patronizing “pleasantness.”