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Politics and/or ethics.

Political responsibility demands that we take sides. Ethical responsibility demands that you question the division into sides.

Unhappy together.

To break the association between necessity and meaningfulness would be a great boon to our happiness.

Choice has displaced decision.

Consumerism, in turn, is the trivialization of choice.

Ethical and/or political.

Ethical maturity means seeing all the colors; political maturity means seeing in black and white.

Right polarities.

The first pole is economic: the drive to profit. The second pole is ethical: the drive to rule.  

I’m not positive death is bad.

But if it is, it must be bad in itself; it cannot be bad for the dead. 

Neutrality as distortion.

Neutrality is not objectivity when the object itself is not neutral. 

Languages are the only ethical grounds.

No wonder that we are constantly muddling and mucking our ethical way.

Be quiet!

You don’t know me. You don’t even know yourself.

Political economy versus political ethics.

Substitute “interests” and “incentives” for “rights” and “duties.”