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Assume nothing, argue everything.

Nothing is less obvious than the meaning of obvious.

Do we need to rethink everything?

No. We don’t even have to “think” everything.

Herodotus > Thucydides.

History isn’t just war; it is everything.

Everything? No thanks.

Give me nothing or give me something.

You say that everything is produced, performed, etc.

Logical problems aside (“everything” here means “nothing”), the saying speaks to a deep hatred for the given.

A chain of reasoning.

Everything happens. Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens without reasons. Nothing happens without reasons. Nothing happens for a reason. Nothing happens.

Everything changes.

That is why nothing changes.

Every thing is different.

Here names—even proper names and especially synonyms—perform an elementary violation.

Everything is in all things.

But nothing is in all things too.

You disbelieve in Everything.

Still, you lack the imagination required to believe in Nothing.