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Fantasy versus science fiction.

In “Star Wars,” the fantasy is divided into good and evil. In “Star Trek,” the science fiction is parsed into old and new.

Killing for its own sake is seen as the ultimate evil.

How strange that killing for the sake of something else is seen as somehow less evil.

They aren’t bad, just ignorant?

You must mean they aren’t evil, just ignorant. Ignorance might be bliss, but it is also bad.  

Why is there evil?

Behind this question is the question of theodicy.

Before good and evil.

The wilderness of the mind is where bestial thoughts roam.

Let this one go.

To seek to go before or beyond good and evil is a dead end.

Scholasticism for the 21st century.

The philosopher exemplified the utility of truth tables in an argument about how God and Evil can co-exist.

Good is the lack of evil.

A person who is good simply hasn’t yet been given the right opportunity to do the wrong thing.

The love of which is the root of all evil?

I disagree. Money is simply our lowest common denominator.