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The point of freedom?

The point of freedom is to live free.

There is no reason to carry on.

Yet I carry on with pleasure and with pain.

Why do I get out of bed in the morning?

Usually because I am done sleeping.

Comics versus movies.

Marvel’s “Infinity” series was mythology and cosmology. MCU’s “Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame” was politics and existentialism.

Getting ahead of ourselves.

Our lives would be a heap of unrelated incidents if we did not think ourselves other than what we are.

Meyer, “The Wrath of Khan.”

The death of Spock re-introduced existential drama into the sterile calculations of utilitarianism.

Two kinds of emptiness.

The first is enduring tranquility, the other is constant anxiety.

Missing something.

The major casualty of the post-structural turn is not identity, but enmity.

They say suicide is selfish.

I disagree. The suicide of some would be a public service.

A favorite phrase.

It is more paradoxical to become who you are than to become what you are not.