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Embodiment of disembodiment.  

How do we embody the experience of living mostly online?

We can’t say what an experience is.

We can only ask what an experience is like. 

The paradox of transcendence.

The transcendent is beyond our knowledge, but not above our experience.

Experience isn’t incontestable.

Were it incontestable, no argument would appeal to it.

Trauma is not your fault.

Nonetheless, as with all experiences, dealing with it is your responsibility.

The “royal road,” indeed.

Whatever universality resides in your narrow band of experiences is unrelated to the fact that you experienced it.

Mental freedom.

The trick is learning to not care without animus.

Signs everywhere!

You may have left the library, but you are still reading.

Time and experience.

In the short run, we flee from the instant. In the long run, we cross the temporal horizon.

Body as mind.

Every genuine communication is an out-of-body experience.