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Consider how much must be taken for granted in order to experience the loss of love to be the defining trauma of one’s life.

The marketplace of “experiences.”

Its prohibition on politics belies the supposed permissiveness of liberalism.

Unknown unknown.

You can have no idea how much darkness remains after an idea illuminates some region of experience.

Against Interpretation.

Add little to daily experiences while you have them; don’t spoil them with superfluities in retrospect.

Your words relate to my words.

As for our experiences, the best words are “distinctive” and “incommensurable.”

Ideologies are in everything social.

The perceiver who falls back into immediate experience is immersed in them.

Category as cause.

The experimenters claim that Wine A is cheap and Wine B is dear (outside of the experiment, both wines cost the same). The subjects don’t just think the “expensive” wine tastes better; they immediately experience its taste as better.

What did you mean by “evidence”?

Criteria of what counts as evidence depend upon a prior commitment to a paradigm of experience.

How do I know that “spirituality” exists?

The same way that I know that anything exists: through imperfect observations partially constitutive of practical experiences.

You claim that math is the highest form of thought.

Have you considered that mathematics, like music, is a skill which freaks with twelve years of life experience can master?