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I’m not looking you in the eye.

You are looking solely at the horizon.

That look.

I cannot look you in the eye online; I can only see an image of your eye.

Walking and Seeing.

The first step towards seeing the world around you is closing your eyes.

Discerning eyes.

Many can see the difference between genuine and fake goods; few can tell the difference between genuine and fake values.

Skinny girls with thin voices.

Listening with your eyes is a bad habit.

This art really speaks to me.

“Pluck out your eyes,” it says.


Thinking with the eyes corresponds to seeing with the mind.

An empiricist rebuttal.

What does one learn with closed eyes and open mind? What darkness looks like. 

Some symmetry.

The testes are the eyes of the male nether regions.

I’m up to my eyes in shit.

So forgive me for not opening my mouth.