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“The aesthetic” = “the interesting.”

The ugliest emotion shown on the face is more pleasing than the most beautiful emotion spilled from the guts.

A face is a mask.

It can only function as a mirror of another mask.

That look on your face?

It is like a word I know too well, but have not read in many years.

I won’t bite the hand that feeds me.

Then again, I’m not about to lick it. Actually, I keep that hand as far away from my face as possible.

The world precedes, surrounds, and follows you.

How sad I would be if it never got around to slapping you in the face.

One tripped and fell into infinite love.

Another tripped and fell on their face.


It is not only people with prosopagnosia who have difficulty recognizing their own faces in the mirror. It might be that such people can more easily recognize the difficulty, though.


What it means to give, take, and have “face” in reading, writing, and commenting on a “book” these days.

Most one-liners slap you in the face.

A few have the power to shut your mouth.

My body.

Pure face, filthy genitals, clean hands, dirty mind.