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Will and nill.

If there is a will, there is also a counter-will.

Adjacent faculties.

It would be beyond the pale of imagination for imagination to break free from perception.

Activities and faculties.

A dreamer sleeps with an open mind.

Creation is the free play of the faculties.

Therefore the work of art is only loosely-speaking the work of the artist.

Autonomy of the faculties.

A highly-developed intellect is no guarantee that one’s emotions will be any less stupid than average.

An advantage of age.

Of the mental faculties, judgment is the only one whose strength can increase with age.

Faculties of freedom.

Civil freedom is more a problem of desire than a problem of will.

Our technologies are our faculties.

This blog remembers my thoughts, so that I might memorize other things; it shows these thoughts, saving me the trouble of speaking them.