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I miss the days of recruitment.

Fame is increasingly a function of self-promotion.

Status, fame, pleasure.

I wouldn’t follow your dreams; I’d dream dreams worth following first.

Your work isn’t perfect?

Neither is anyone’s. May you one day attain such renown that others will nitpick it.

The desire for fame is mostly harmless.

But then someone gets famous. Don’t let it be you.

Academic life.

It takes a bit of discipline and a good deal of unprofessionalism to not work on fashionable topics and trendy methods.

Gedde Watanabe, Lisa Chan, etc.

Infamy can be just as deserved as fame is undeserved.

Fortune, family, fame.

The ambitious ones who claim no time to think appear, upon a moment’s reflection, to be the least ambitious of all.

Surely I want fame.

I want a lot of things that are bad for me.

A change in degree and kind.

Fame is popularity magnified through the mass media.

Fame and history.

If your contemporaries cannot recognize your “genius,” what besides faith in public enlightenment could make posthumous fame desirable? It is just as likely that public opinion will degenerate. What then would your posthumous fame indicate?