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“Divorcing” one’s family.

The tendency of liberal individualism, which makes all association optional, is a tendentious “opting out.”

Friends, family.

In saying a friend is family, we imply that our relationship has gone from chosen to given.

How to get along with family.

Make every attempt to transform annoyances into amusements.

Institutional inducements.

Both sexually repression and sexual obsession are by-products of the bourgeois family and its “law.”

A thought is not for clinging.

If you must have fetters, start a family.

Irony as investment.

A: I don’t take this holiday seriously. It is an excuse to eat and drink and see family and friends. B: Then why don’t you stop making excuses?

Common defenses. 

You say: “Attack me all you want, but don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family!” I hear: “Don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family—I know very well that you are speaking ill of me!”

A family negotiates spaces.

Only a collectivity can open new horizons of struggle.

Dumbfoundead,“Are We There Yet?”

The video is transnational, diasporic, and underground, yet still rests upon the tripod of family, sexuality, and vocation.

“Oikos” as root of “economy.”

If political leaders are household managers, then social conflicts are as undignified as family squabbles.