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You fantasized that you saw without being seen.

Suddenly, you noticed someone looking back. Now you fantasize that you have been overlooked.

What am I doing?

The writer overemphasizes how far language is reality in a desperate search for a reality they can control.

Fantasy versus science fiction.

In “Star Wars,” the fantasy is divided into good and evil. In “Star Trek,” the science fiction is parsed into old and new.

Infantile fantasy?

Don’t be childish. Fantasies will never grow up.

A certain “realism.”

Science fictions don’t describe the facts or the future; they rather demonstrate how facts and futures are made.

Don’t look down, coyote.

Trumpism is the fantasy of a whiteness still supreme.

Fantasies of enjoyment.

Resentment towards stupid people derives from the fantasy that they actually enjoy themselves.

Fantasies of knowledge.

Resentment towards smart people derives from the fantasy that they actually know something.

Reygadas, “Battle in Heaven.”

What fascination with the fantasy of enjoyable anonymity!

Sovereignty is a possibility within the mental sphere.

It is an impossibility in the political realm and a fantasy in the sexual field.