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Fascists believe that all politics is war.

They even believe that all economics is war. Sadly, they may have a point.

We are way beyond polarization.

“Polarization” is a euphemism when used to describe fascists’ relationship to everyone else; the more appropriate word is “enmity.”

The crossroads.

Barbarism or socialism, fascism or abolition. 

Adorno et al, “The Authoritarian Personality.”

The book would have been far stronger had it also centered anti-blackness where it centered anti-semitism. 

There is no neutral definition of politics.

There are only democratic, liberal, capitalist, fascist, anarchist, socialist, etc. conceptions of politics.

Three ways to be a third way.

1. Accept a position between two polar opposites (e.g. social democracy between capitalism and communism). 2. Reject both poles of an opposition (e.g. fascism). 3. Affirm a position outside the polar opposition (e.g. anarchism).

Anti-fascism is for everyone.

That includes fascists too.

Learn from your enemy, democrats.

Learn, first of all, that there are friends and enemies.

Fascists are not here to argue.

The only argument left is whether they have arrived.

AntiFa is worse than Fascism?

Sorry, it’s not even close. I think you need to recount those death tolls.