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Three ways to be a third way.

1. Accept a position between two polar opposites (e.g. social democracy between capitalism and communism). 2. Reject both poles of an opposition (e.g. fascism). 3. Affirm a position outside the polar opposition (e.g. anarchism).

Anti-fascism is for everyone.

That includes fascists too.

Learn from your enemy, democrats.

Learn, first of all, that there are friends and enemies.

Fascists are not here to argue.

The only argument left is whether they have arrived.

AntiFa is worse than Fascism?

Sorry, it’s not even close. I think you need to recount those death tolls.

Has AntiFa succeeded in checking Fascism?

Perhaps. It is just as plausible to say that Fascism is a perpetual state of failure.

That movie was fascist.

X: If you don’t like it, don’t buy a ticket. Y: I just bought the ticket. You’re the one who bought the movie.

Fascism is a failed revolution.

The fall of black power is the rise of gang warfare; the failure of white progressivism is the success of the Tea Party movement.