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Academic life.

It takes a bit of discipline and a good deal of unprofessionalism to not work on fashionable topics and trendy methods.

Curious about fashion?

Ask any teenager in New York City.

My look isn’t dated.

It is you who looks trendy.

In and out, out and in.

Fashion is ridiculously sexualized like that.

A style of music, for instance.

Explanations of why something falls out of fashion make a stereotype out of what twenty minutes ago everyone was exploring with subtlety.

Fickle fashion.

Changes in fashion only changes fashionable opinions. 

Behind and ahead of the times.

He wore his clothes till they went absurdly out of fashion. He figured he may as well lead the avant-garde of the next nostalgia cycle.

What timelessness!

Many say they do not want to be fashionable. As if mere declarations were sufficient to accomplish this most difficult of tasks.

The silk cage.

It is fashionable to mock the unfashionable. It is equally fashionable to denounce the fashionable.

What can time do for art?

If everything is fashion, then time tests nothing.