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Feelings of contribution.

X: My ancestors built this country! Y: So did mine. What have you done for it lately?

Online entity with all my thoughts and feelings.

Whatever it might be, it sure as hell cannot be identified as “me.”

Intelligent sympathies are impressive.

The mind often closes when the heart opens.

My, my, my.

My pain, my pleasure, my perception.

Mental calibration.

Closing-in on a sensation, feeling, or perception opens an observational distance.

Dubious wisdom.

It is better to feel pain than nothing at all.

The feeling is not mutual.

The people do not care for democracy. But democracy’s only concern is the people.

Dialectics of CBT.

A: How you think is how you feel. B: I feel like more of a dialectical thinker than you.

Thanks for being there.

I went to that dark place both to find out who would follow and to feel out who had already found their way there.

Emotional display.

Without strict discipline, what emotions we feel are not in our control, but with a little effort, what emotions we show are in our control.