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Only Here and Now exist.

Existence is the fiction, the thread through these existents.



Why do we call it “non-fiction”?

Because “fiction” is the default.

Great fiction.

You couldn’t make this shit up, though this author could.

Subjectivity is a best seller.

Two sections are overloaded at practically every bookstore: “fiction” and “psychology.”

I admit it.

I am not honest enough to write fiction.

Competing narratives.

Even the most persuasive fiction generates some friction.

Every fact is its own fiction.

But every fiction is also its own fact.

Must you believe something about this web of fictions?

Then believe that each strand is a fiction which I have escaped and that the whole is a fact in which I am caught.

The real you, passing through…

Authenticity is a necessary fiction only so long as we would like to appear likeable to ourselves.