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Every film is about film.

There is nothing more to be said about this topic.

Why we like them.

The eidos of film is visible time. The telos of film is the Hollywood ending. 

Stanley Kubrick could pick them.

Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 is a cinematic novel from a cinematic novelist.

Brunel, “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.”

A realist aesthetic would have ruined this enjoyable film.

Films without Futures.

“The drone” sound effect taps into anxieties over meaningless process and exhausted progress.

Landthimos, “The Favorite.”

All we see in the absence of class analysis is odd pans and low angles, moral failings and affective turns.

Burnham, “Eighth Grade.”

The premise, appropriately average, is that the “average American adolescent” is fascinating.

Not a royal.

Film is the common path into the unconscious.

Chris Evans’s best roles are diametrically opposed.

Captain America, the superhero, saves the world. Curtis, wretched of the earth, transforms the world.

Burns, “The National Parks.”

The beauty of the natural world is unrelated to the “beauty” of U.S. nationalism. To claim otherwise is an outrageous appropriation.