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Don’t have to be a monk on fire.

All who have stood against injustice have taken the seat of the Buddha.

Hot seat.

His incendiary speech set the seat ablaze, then he declined to sit down in it.

Senses aflame.

One commits arson to get money. Another commits to get off. You tell me who is more foolish.

Fire and fuel are dependently arisen.

Hence to speak of an “eternal flame” is to articulate an absurdity.

On the sublime.

There is passion which flashes like lightning in the sky and there is passion which burns like a field afire. If you are unlucky enough, the first strikes you down; if you are unprepared, the second consumes you.

Elemental and elementary.

Our water comes through pipes, our fire comes from gas, our earth comes in trucks, and our air comes out of vents. How can moderns living under these conditions to be struck with elementary wonder?

The smog of war.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Strangely serene, these kids were burning.

The dream wasn’t disturbing till I noticed the fire in my hands.