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What do I think of that work?

Easy to do, easy to like, easy to forget.

Racial liberalism is liberalism.

Racial capitalism is capitalism. The racial bit is not a specification of kind, but a reminder against willful forgetting.

Ma Jian, “China Dream.”

The China Dream is not the only national ideology premised on forgetting and oblivion.

Happiness is a far-from-spontaneous project.

What other process requires so much practiced forgetting and studied delusion?

What if I am never “recognized”?

It is not as if my life would lose its “value.” Like innumerable everyday lives lost every day, it will only be forgotten.

No regrets.

Only reinterpretations can redeem our remembrances of times we’d rather, but cannot forget.

The motto: embrace the now.

The message: forget about how badly you’ve been screwed.

You call that an idea?

I have bigger thoughts than that while sitting on the toilet. It would best to flush and forget.

Want happiness with memory?

Then remember to forget.

Wang, “Meteor Garden II.”

Falling out of love is like forgetting something by accident.