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Reactionaries appropriate the term freedom to secure domination.

They admit to their parasitism on republicanism; they admit, too, their own ideal lacks appeal. 

Politics of oppositions.

What you call freedom, I call oppressive. My heroes are your villains. I believe I am equal, you believe I am inferior.

Paradox of freedom.

You become freer once you’ve made a commitment.

For Kishimi and Koga.

It takes courage to be disliked, agreed. However, such courage is the precise opposite of freedom.

We won’t live forever.

Freedom is inside this limit. Freedom is outside of it, too.

Domination, oppression.

We cannot escape from freedom; we can only turn freedom against itself.

Do I need a meaningful life?

Likely. But I’d settle for a free life.

We can move freely through time.

But we don’t need “high technology” and fancy machines to do it.

Mental freedom.

The trick is learning not to care without animus.

Individualistic liberty.

It is the liberty to do what I want in my way, for my reasons, under circumstances of my choosing. Notice I did not say “with whomever I want.”