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Not a royal.

Film is the common path into the unconscious.

How anal can you get?

The guy in the next stall wiped his ass for a full five minutes.

Classic sublimation.

Keith Jarrett groans over, thrusts into, and pounds on the piano. I bet he’s really boring in bed.


That she could grieve his loss is sufficient proof that her attachment was not ambivalent at best.

The royal road.

The dream world reveals the intelligibility of waking life.

Nolan, “Inception.”

Cobb projects the power of deciding if he is awake onto the spinning top or “totem.” His refusal to consult the top in the last scene means he has made a “leap of faith” concerning what will count as waking life.

Polymorphous perversity.

What is most unnatural about human nature is not our capacity to talk, but our invention of sexuality.

The logic of the fetish is “I know, but…”

The logic of the racial fetish is “I know that ‘race’ is a fiction, but I don’t know if my genitals believe it.”


The individual, like the species, becomes interesting at the moment its cruelty turns inwards.

Three theses on sexuality.

1. Let heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality be three basic positions within the system of sexuality. 2. Asexuality is a position outside of the system, but entailed by its logic. 3. Omnisexuality is a logic which exceeds this system of positioning.