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The political question is friend or foe; the social question, high or low. 

How do you know we’re friends?

Well, you can talk to your friends. That’s what friends are for.

Learn from your enemy, democrats.

Learn, first of all, that there are friends and enemies.


Be wary of the friend who emphasizes how right you are whenever you state some trivial truth. They must take you for an imbecile or an enemy.

Common defenses. 

You say: “Attack me all you want, but don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family!” I hear: “Don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family—I know very well that you are speaking ill of me!”

Every binary implies a triad.

To take a political example: there are friends, enemies, and neutrals.

Nyugen, “The Sympathizer.”

It is a curiously abstract—one might even say academic—politics that takes sides easily.

Formal relations first.

The trait we take as an occasion to praise our friend would be the kind of thing we would take as a reason to hate our enemy.

Professional strength secrets.

My friend told me that a therapist is more like a professional confidant than a paid friend. I nodded in agreement, not mentioning I’d seen a few shrinks myself.

Lines of antagonism.

Humanists recognize neither friends nor enemies. Hence anti-humanists bewilder them.