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Keep your intellectual friends close.

Keep your microaggressive, passive-aggressive co-workers even closer.

TV will be there for you.

“Friends” is a show for an obnoxiously lonely society.

Friends, family.

In saying a friend is family, we imply that our relationship has gone from chosen to given.

Your friends are just like you.

You have obviously overestimated yourself.

Some only read their friends.

I would read enemies too. And don’t forget to read the neutrals.

Keep your friends close.

Keep your micro-aggressive colleagues even closer.

These thinkers are not resources.

They are my friends. I don’t hate resources. Sometimes I hate my friends.

A working definition.

I forgot who my friends were—I’d better check my social media.

Antagonistic interdependence.

A recognition of interdependence can bring even greater strife; take, for example, friends who recognize their dependence upon enemies.

Choice of company.

She avoided contact with her old friends not because she didn’t like them anymore, but because she didn’t like herself back then.