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Friendliness, not friendship.

The easiest way to negotiate is to treat your “partner” as someone with nothing you need.

Are we on the same side?

That is the only political question. It does not matter if we call each other friends, allies, or comrades.

My friends wrote books.

They died before I was born, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t met them.

Being friendless made me self-reliant.

What such conditions really taught me, though, is the power of intrinsic motivation. 

How do you know we’re friends?

Well, you can talk to your friends. That’s what friends are for.

Asymmetrical relationship.

Friendship is a friend to enmity, but enmity is an enemy to friendship.

I’m talking about commitment.

The unconditioned arises from the conditioned to become the very condition of the conditional.

Cheating as fidelity.

He bragged to his friends about exploits with a married woman. Homosociality is the final guarantee of heterosexuality.

A working definition.

I forgot who my friends were—I’d better check my social media.

I’ve chosen my friends wisely.

Nobody commented when I posted my innermost thoughts online.